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First Coast Contracting is a home restoration contractor who leads Northeast Florida communities out of disasters and into a new phase where life slowly returns to normal. Throughout our numerous years of experience in the industry, we have rectified a large number of unforeseen circumstances, including;

Home Restoration Services

We believe in turning a disastrous impact into a triumphant comeback where we either restore your home to its original condition or use the setback to remodel and add something to your property that wasn’t once there. 

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Restoring Your Home

There are multiple layers involved in restorations following an unexpected disaster that had an impact on families and business owners. The term, “restoration” refers to taking something that was damaged or old, and restoring it to its original condition. First Coast Contracting follows guidelines that ensure each phase in restoration starts the right way, leading to its successful completion. 

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Remodeling For a better tomorrow

First Coast Contracting remodels homes. Having a combined 50 years of home remodeling experience, we have been transforming properties into something elegant, modern, and unique. We have remodeled outdated homes from the inside out, which has tripled the property sales. 

Our expertise in home remodeling has enabled First Coast Contracting to use these skills to our advantage when it comes to disasters. In short, we are the best in our industry at rebuilding homes that were deemed unsalvageable. We believe in the power of hope followed by change. 

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Additions to come

After the steps to recovery begin following a natural or unforeseen disaster, whether our team restores damages to their original condition or completely remodels a home, there are additions that can be included, as well. First Coast Contracting are experts in adding rooms, fixtures, expansions, and more. 

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